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Representing & Defending Clients

hawaii personal injury lawyer
We have successfully represented hundreds of victims of motor vehicle accidents, helicopter crashes, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, ATV accidents, boating accidents, jet ski accidents, hotel premises accidents, elevator and escalator accidents, assaults and battery, falling merchandise, medical and dental malpractice and other accidents or incidents involving negligence or intentional conduct.
We also defend persons against claims and lawsuits.  We have defended persons for personal injury, collection of debts, breach of contract and business disputes. We represent persons on an hourly or flat fee basis for these types of cases.  


hawaii personal injury lawyer
We collect personal and commercial debts.  We also defend against these matters. We collect personal and commercial debts. We have collected debts for banks, credit card companies and insurance companies. We will collect your debt or there is no fee. We can even collect a debt or judgment from another state against any Hawaii resident or business. We also represent persons against collection agencies and law firms that have attempted to collect debts in ways that are harassing, oppressive and abusive. It is important that you keep all letters and other communications from anyone attempting to collect a debt from you as this can serve as evidence of improper collection activities.
We represent victims of consumer fraud and have handled consumer class actions. We represent consumers who were damaged as a result of unfair or deceptive acts or practices. If you have lost money or have otherwise been damaged as a result of a scheme which was misleading or deceptive, call us. Mr. Kawamura has represented hundreds of victims of various fraudulent schemes, including but not limited to investment schemes, pyramid schemes, network marketing schemes, mortgage loan scams, loan modification schemes, and many other fraudulent practices.
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